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Dr. Mateja de Leonni Stanonik, MA, MD, Ph.D., is announcing the opening of a new Neurology Clinic
and Institute in Tucson called the Vita Medica Institute with a focus on stroke/vascular neurology as well
as women’s issues within neurological disorders. Executive Neurological Evaluations are also offered
for those who would like to address preventative/anti-aging issues of the brain and spine as well as the
peripheral nervous system in order to efficiently manage their health and continue with optimal health
through the aging process.

Dr. de Leonni Stanonik is a Board Certified Neurologist with additional training in vascular/stroke neurology, neurodegenerative diseases, and headache/pain, as well as neurological issues pertaining to women. Dr. de Leonni Stanonik finished her training at the George Washington University where she currently serves on faculty. She currently holds active privileges at the Northwest Medical Center, Tucson Medical Center, Oro Valley Medical Center, St. Mary’s Hospital, St. Joe’s Hospital, Holly Cross Hospital, and the Mount Graham Regional Medical Center in Safford, AZ.

Dr. de Leonni Stanonik has had 15 years of experience designing and implementing Telemedicine system in the US and around the world. As the expert in Telemedicine, she incorporates treatment and evaluation
at a distance with telemedicine into her daily neurological practice.
The Vita Medica Institute is the first clinic in Arizona with the specific focus on women’s
neurological issues.

Since the additional training in vascular neurology, Dr. de Leonni Stanonik has been very
passionate about women’s issues in neurology. Conditions that affect the brain can be trickier to treat in women than men. Hormones and reproductive concerns men don’t encounter can influence women’s
neurological conditions and courses of treatment. To better serve female patients at all stages of life, including pregnancy and menopause, and to advance research in neurological conditions facing women, Dr. de Leonni is joining forces to create The Women’s Neurology Center at the Vita Medica Institute.

The center is one of its kind in Tucson and one of only a small number of such women-focused
Neurology centers across the country. Patients will have the opportunity to participate in research trials focused on female neurological issue.

Many common conditions that affect the brain are more complicated to treat in women, and more research is needed to effectively treat these patients. Recent research suggests the following:

Twenty percent of women suffer from migraines
Sleep disorders in women are often overlooked in primary care doctor’s offices
Hormones affect seizure frequency in 30 percent of women with epilepsy
Women are three times more likely than men to be diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis
Medications used to treat neurological disorders may have significant impact on pregnancy and contraception effectiveness
Stroke mortality is higher in women, although 30 percent of women are unaware of their stroke risk factors
As an expert on women’s issue in neurology Dr. de Leonni Stanonik was appointed as the Main Coordinator for the Women in Neurology Highlight Section of presentations at the 2015 Annual Academy of Neurology meeting in Washington, DC.

Dr. de Leonni Stanonik alongside with NP Erica L. Hede and their staff incorporate an integrated medicine and multidisciplinary approach to patient care versus an approach based solely on pharmacology. Vita Medica Institute is committed to providing the highest quality neurological evaluations and treatments.

Community Work:
Dr. de Leonni is served on the Executive Board of the AHA/ASA Chapter for Southern Arizona
Dr. de Leonni served as the Chairwoman for the 2014 Heart and Stroke Walk.
Dr. de Leonni is one of the expert advisors to the Southern Arizona Chapter of the Alzheimer’s

Vita Medica Institute is accepting new, immediate referrals for
- Headaches and Pain disorders
- Stroke/TIA/vascular disorders
- Vertigo/dizziness
- Lower back pain, Neuropathy, and Radiculopathy
- Chronic Pain and Fibromyalgia
- Nerve blocks and other procedures for nerve disorder treatment
- Botox Clinic: migraine, post-stroke and post-spinal cord injury spasticity, dystonia,
   blepharospasm treatments
- Myopathies and other muscular disorders: Myasthenia Gravies, etc.
- Tremors
- Seizures/Epilepsy
- Visual disturbances
- Insomnia and Sleep disorders
- Concussion and Brain Injury disorders
- Carpal Tunnel/Tarsal Tunnel diagnosis and treatment
- Neurodegenerative disorders: memory loss, movement disorders, MS, PD, AD
- Women’s Issues in Neurology: pregnancy, perinatal period